We all need to go grocery shopping now and then and have the choice of travelling out to Goulburn or Moss Vale, Bowral or beyond. But wouldn’t it be great if we could do our grocery shopping in our own community and prices were on par with the big boys? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve set out to achieve: a delightful place to shop with a good selection of groceries at prices that are comparable to the large supermarkets in town. But why stop there?basket-of-fruit-vegetable_450

We’ve also introduced a complimentary Valet Grocer Shopping service: simply send in your shopping list (via our Online Store, via email, by phone or even in person), nominate a pickup time, and we’ll prepare your shopping for you. What’s more, if you spend over $30(*), we’ll shout you a coffee, tea or hot chocolate in our cafe. Spend over $150(*) and we’ll shout you a coffee, tea or hot chocolate along with a home-made muffin, cookie or slice of cake. You don’t get that in town!

Couple all that with saving money by not having to drive all the way to town and back, our ample parking, our proximity to other services such as the Post Office and chemist, our onsite newsagency, and our delightful service; you’ll wonder why this wasn’t available before.

You can also see our full range of grocery and deli products either by visiting us at the physical store or by visiting our online store. You can still take advantage of our Valet Grocery Shopping service even if you shop online. So drop by to the store, or checkout our online shop to see our awesome range of fresh fruit and veggies, yummy deli items, household essentials, pantry goods, some specialty items, sweets and treats and so much more. Be sure to check back each week as we often update our site with new products and specials.

(*) Please note that neither NSW Lotteries purchases, newspapers, magazines, gift certificates nor tobacco products may be included in the $30 and $150 tallies.