What makes us tick

We reckon Marulan’s a bit of all right. It’s got everything you could possibly want: historic sights, interesting architecture, a great community of people, an emerging foodie scene, utilities and conveniences and proximity to the Highlands and Tablelands. Who could ask for more? Well, we all could, actually. There’s only one thing missing: a good old, dependable, truly convenient, local, General Store. Something that will meet the needs of the community; something that we can all be proud of when visitors pass through town; something that will offer the same value as you’d find in the big supermarkets in town; something that supplements the already-terrific gourmet delights on offer; and something that will add to this ripper of a town. That’s what makes us tick.

Where we are

You can find us on the main strip at 52 George Street, Marulan; immediately between the Post Office and the Terminus Hotel.

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We’re a little over an hour and a half from Sydney and a little over an hour from Canberra. The perfect mid-way stop for your journey. Simply turn off the mighty Hume Highway; there are turn-off signs both north and south bound. You’ll know you’re around Marulan when you approach the Heavy Vehicle Weigh Station.

When we’re open

We’re open seven days a week: Monday through Sunday. Our hours of trade are simple: 7am – 6pm weekdays; 7am – 3pm weekends.

Things to do

We’d love to think you’d visit just for us, but that’d be rather cheeky. So here’s a list of suggestions to fill your day exploring everything our region has to offer. What better excuse do you need for a weekend drive to Marulan and its surrounds whether you’re from the Highlands, Tablelands, Sydney or Canberra, or whether you’re on your way to the ski fields or looking for something to do during school holidays?

  • Marulan: If you’ve made it to Marulan, then you simply must drop in say g’day to us at The Marulan General Store. That’s simply a must! Better yet, treat yourself to a lovely brekkie, brunch, lunch, arvo tea or dinner. You may also like to explore the other highlights of our beautiful little town which you can read about at the iGoulburn site.
  • Tallong: Tallong is our sister town just 5 minutes drive north. It has so many wonderful lookouts such as Long Point Lookout, Badgery’s Lookout and more. You can read more about Tallong at the iGoulburn site, or else you can checkout the Tallong community’s own website for the latest news and events.
  • Bungonia: If you like strolling or hiking through wonderful national parks, then Bungonia’s for you. You can bush walk, rock climb, abseil and go canyoning or you can simply take in the wonderful views. For more, read the iGoulburn site.
  • The Southern Highlands: There’s just so much to do in the Southern Highlands, we’re not even going to try to describe it all. However you may like to read the official tourism site for some ideas. The fabulous “Just off the Hume” site is a must to checkout too.
  • The Southern Tablelands: There’s always something happening in the NSW Southern Highlands. The “Argyle Country” website does a good job of keeping its list up to date. The official iGoulburn site is a must to help plan your itinerary as is the fabulous “Just off the Hume” site too.